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BTN Releases Primetime Schedule- Purdue Nowhere to be Found

Purdue and Ohio State are the only two conference teams without a primetime game.

Coach is unimpressed with your primetime schedule
Coach is unimpressed with your primetime schedule
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

I'm a Purdue fan. If you're reading this you're more than likely a Purdue fan as well. We all have a bit of a complex. Like it or not Purdue isn't the biggest name in the conference, hell even in the state. Purdue gets overshadowed by Notre Dame in football and IU, plus Butler to a lesser extent, in basketball. It's frustrating to see it happen time and time again. There's a fierce loyalty in Purdue fans. We all have a sort of us against the world mentality. Today's news coming out of the Big Ten Network certainly doesn't help our mental state.

You can see the entire schedule below but here's the highlight from a Purdue perspective. There's no BTN primetime game. Purdue and Ohio State are the two teams not listed on the schedule announced today by the conference's own network. You know Ohio State will have primetime games on other networks. Purdue won't be so lucky. Twelve of fourteen teams are gives primetime games. Purdue is left out in the cold. Blame the BTN. Blame Morgan Burke and the lack of lights on the stadium. Blame the lackluster record of Purdue football these last few years. Hell, you can even blame yourselves for the poor ticket sales. Whatever the reason, Purdue simply isn't on the primetime slate for next season. You have to admit that's a bit disillusioning. I know the guys at Boiled Sports will probably have a field day with this. They already hate the BTN. This is just fuel for the fire. I can't say I blame them.

BTN’s Primetime Schedule

Saturday, Sept. 12

South Alabama at Nebraska

Saturday, Sept. 19

Rutgers at Penn State

Saturday, September 26

Hawaii at Wisconsin

Saturday, October 3

Michigan at Maryland

Saturday, October 10

Michigan State at Rutgers

Saturday, November 14

Minnesota at Iowa

*Kent State at Illinois on Friday, Sept. 4 previously announced

*Florida International at Indiana on Sept. 12, Pittsburgh at Iowa on Sept. 19 and Ball State at Northwestern on Sept. 26will also appear in primetime in the Big Ten team’s home market and on Extra Football Game Channels and BTN2Go elsewhere.

So there you have it. Purdue left out in the dark, or rather left in the daylight, for this season. Things can and must change with Purdue football. Hopefully this time next year you'll see Purdue's name on that list.