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We Got Three More (work)Days Till Friday

Here's just a quick look at some things you can do until Purdue's next game Friday at 2:30.

A.J. Hammons will be enjoying his time off by eating pizza.
A.J. Hammons will be enjoying his time off by eating pizza.
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

I don't know about any of you but I'm excited for the Big Ten Tournament. I'm more excited this year than last year, and I went to the Purdue game last year. Last year was just awful all around. There are little to no bright spots from last season. With Purdue having the ALL NEW patent pending BTT Double Bye we won't get to see our beloved Boilermakers again until Friday. Here's just a few ideas of ways to spend your time. Some sports related, some not.

Save Up $10,000 and Buy a Lawn Chair

The brand spanking new Apple watch was announced today. The highest end one (GOLD!) could be yours starting at $10,000. That's couch change for most of us Purdue fans I'm sure. Plus, the gold color will go great when you are watching our Old Gold and Black! It's a match made in heaven. Make sure to hop in line early. They come out next month. In line you'll have you iPad so you should be able to watch the Purdue game no problem.

Binge Watch House of Cards (again)

I know Juan is with me on this one. His recent power rankings will really give you a nice overview of the show. SPOILERS! Don't read it if you haven't watched the show but plan to. There are now three full seasons out there which is a grand total of 39 episodes. That should help you get through those evenings when you'd rather be watching Octeus Prime dish out dimes.

Get in a Twitter Fight

This is probably the easiest one to do and one of the most fun. Do a search on twitter for IU fans and have at it. Just please be a little more respectful than they are. It's always fun to engage in a twitter conversation but since it's the internet that stuff gets off the rails quickly. If nothing else it's a nice distraction and reminds you how nice you have it in life. Just try not to feed the trolls.

Watch Purdue ESPN Commercials

This is a great one. The "This is Sportscenter" series of commercials have brought me endless amounts of joy over the years. The Drew Brees commerical has to be one of my favorites of all time. THE GATE IS NARROW! Then there is the new one featuring Purdue Pete. I could get lost in those commercials for hours. Maybe even days.

Look at Every Bracket Prediction

You could spend days on this alone. Every yahoo with a brain (and some without) has decided they are officially a Bracketologist, as if that's a real thing, and releases a new bracket each day. The bubble is always a precarious place to be but it's laughable to see the variation from one bracket to the next. Some have Purdue in, some have Purdue out, some have Purdue in a play in game, and some have Purdue in the single digit seeds. Basically, what I can learn from this is that no one knows anything about brackets and what the committee will do.

Relax and Enjoy March

It's been a few years since Purdue fans had anything to celebrate/enjoy in March. I'm looking forward the the BTT and the NCAA Tournament, yes I'm on record as saying they'll make it in, for the first time in three years. While the NCAA is prestigious it's no CBI (KIDDING!). It has been an amazing season that isn't over yet. I'm excited to continue to see the growth of these players and the maturity of this team. Let's just remember they won 20 games despite a bumpy non-conference. They won 12 games in the Big Ten which is no easy feat regardless of scheduling quirks. Let's recognize this team and enjoy them while we can. Let's savor it and not rush ahead. Because after all we have just three more (work) days till Friday. That last link may be slightly NSFW. I think it's fine but I work from home so what do I know about it? You've been warned.