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2015 Big Ten Tournament: Purdue Earns No. 4 Seed

The Boilers have the week off until Friday afternoon.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

At one point Purdue was picked to finish 13th in the conference, and that was before a terrible non-conference season. Now we get to put our feet up and let 10 of the other 13 teams work hard just to get to where we are. Thanks to Wisconsin drubbing Ohio State this afternoon the Boilers will get a double bye to Friday. The full Big Ten Tournament bracket is now set and is as follows (All times ET):


No. 12 Nebraska vs. No. 13 Penn State, 4:30pm, ESPN2

No. 11 Minnesota vs. No. 14 Rutgers, 7pm, BTN


No. 8 Illinois vs. No. 9 Michigan, Noon, BTN

No. 5 Iowa vs. Nebraska-Penn State winner, 2:30pm, BTN

No. 7 Indiana vs. No. 10 Northwestern, 6:30pm, ESPN2

No. 6 Ohio State vs. Minnesota-Rutgers winner, 9pm, ESPN2


No. 1 Wisconsin vs. Illinois-Michigan winner, Noon, ESPN

No. 4 Purdue vs. Iowa/Nebraska/Penn State winner, 2:30pm, ESPN

No. 2 Maryland vs. Indiana/Northwestern winner, 6:30pm, BTN

No. 3 Michigan State vs. Ohio State/Minnesota/Rutgers winner, 9pm, BTN


Semifinal 1: Wisconsin/Illinois/Michigan winner vs. Purdue/Iowa/Penn State/Nebraska winner, 1pm, CBS

Semifinal 2: Maryland/Indiana/Northwestern winner vs. Michigan State/Ohio State/Minnesota/Rutgers winner, 3:30pm, CBS


Championship Game, 3:30pm, CBS