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2015 Bubble Watch: March 8 Scoreboard Watching


Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

20-11 overall, 12-6 in the Big Ten. Those numbers, in almost any year, should be enough. With Purdue shackled with losses to North Florida and Gardner-Webb it makes for a rough situation, but we have done our work. The only thing we can control now is what happens in Chicago, where we will either be the 4 or the 5 seed depending on what Ohio State does. We have done our part, fought like mad bastards to even get into the discussion, and improved from December to March more than any team in the country. I said we needed to go 12-6 in the Big Ten to have a shot after the Gardner Webb loss and... we went 12-6. In fact, I called exactly what we needed to do.

So, with our regular season work done, we can kick back and have some other teams do work for us today. Here is your Sunday scoreboard watching:

Penn State at Minnesota, 1pm, BTN

The Gophers do have a win over Purdue, and not many other B1G teams. To avoid it becoming a bad loss we want them to stay in the top 100. Maybe then they can defend their NIT title. Cheer for: Minnesota

Illinois State vs. Northern Iowa, 2pm, CBS, Missouri Valley Conference Final

The MVC final is a Bubble team nightmare. Northern Iowa is a lock. Illinois State is only in if they win this game. Should they steal the autobid it moves every Bubble team down one because Wichita State and Northern Iowa are locks from the MVC. Cheer for: Northern Iowa.

USC-Upstate vs. North Florida, 2:30pm, ESPN2, Atlantic Sun Conference Final

All we have heard for three months is how awful losing to North Florida was. Well, if the Ospreys win this they will get their first ever NCAA Tournament bid and will officially be a tourney team. That can only help the Boilers. Cheer for: North Florida

Tulsa vs. SMU, 3pm, ESPNU

Tulsa lost to a Division II team. If you lose to a Division II team you should be ineligible for the tournament. Cheer for: SMU

Wisconsin at Ohio State, 4:30pm, CBS

It is simple: If Ohio State wins, Purdue is the 5 seed in the Big Ten Tournament because of tiebreakers. If they lose, Purdue is the 4 seed and gets a double bye. Ohio State is the 6 seed regardless. I don't care that some say, "we should get the five for an easier win". I say avoid even the possibility of a bad loss sinking us if we lose as the 5 to the 12/13 winner. It is also much easier to win the Big Ten Tournament by winning three games instead of four. Cheer for: Wisconsin

Monmouth vs. Iona, 4:30pm, ESPN3, MAAC Seminfals

I don't think Purdue is down to the last at large bid or two, but Iona is one of the few mid-majors that could potentially get an at large if needed. Might as well have them take the autobid. Cheer for: Iona

Western Carolina vs. Wofford, 6pm, ESPN3

Wofford also could be a bid thief, so we need them to win the SoCon. Cheer for: Wofford