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Purdue Basketball Recruiting: C.J. Walker Decommits. What now?

Purdue loses its one 2016 commitment today.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

By now you all likely know:

There is a little more to the issue, as noted by Nathan Baird of the Lafayette Journal & Courier:

"I felt like I wouldn't really fit in that well with Purdue, with the offense they played," Walker said. "After going on visits and stuff like that, I didn't feel like that would be a place where I could reach maximum success for myself.

"I felt like I wouldn't be able to be as successful as I want to be there and try to achieve my dreams."

Walker also said Purdue's recent history with point guards gave him second thoughts. Two-year starter Ronnie Johnson transferred to Houston after last season.

To make matters even more interesting, Ronnie Johnson himself weighed in on the matter:

This caused a bunch of Purdue fans to fire back at Ronnie, which led to this:

So that all happened today. What now?

First off, let's slow down a little bit. The earliest Walker was going to be on campus was November 2016, so there is time to settle things. We still have a full season to play and someone like P.J. Thompson can take the position by the horns by then, and he would have two years left.

Second, we know we need a point guard, but the Purdue offense has often worked best when anyone can facilitate with a good pass, not just a PG. We primarily need a PG to push the ball up the floor, something that Thompson and Bryson Scott can still do. In the half court our offense does not utilize the point well. This past season Vince Edwards led the team in assists with 90 and Rapheal Davis was third with 88. Jon Octeus had 89. Considering those three were often on the court at the same time, we tend to facilitate by committee.

Third, there is some experience on the team. Grant Weatherford can run the point. Ryan Cline has had to do it. There is also still Scott and Thompson. We're not entirely devoid of options.

Still, Walker is a promising player and a solid scorer. I can see why the issues about fitting in were there because he is a PG more in the mold of Ronnie Johnson, which went poorly for two years. We will look elsewhere and if he decides to come back I will welcome him. If not, well, I hope he makes the decision that is best for his future plans. He sounds like a good kid and I have no ill will for him.

Here is your updated scholarship grid.

Player ('15-'16) ('16-'17) ('17-'18) ('18-'19) ('19-20)
Rapheal Davis Senior
A.J. Hammons Senior
Bryson Scott Junior Senior
Basil Smotherman Junior Senior
Kendall Stephens Junior Senior
Vince Edwards Sophomore Junior Senior
Dakota Mathias Sophomore Junior Senior
Isaac Haas Sophomore Junior Senior
P.J. Thompson Sophomore Junior Senior
Jacquil Taylor RS Fresh. RS Soph. RS. Junior RS Senior
Ryan Cline Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Grant Weatherford Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Scholarships Used 12 10 7 3 0
Scholarships Left 1 3 6 10 13