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2015 NCAA Tournament: Elite 8 Day 2 How To Watch

Two more Final Four spots will be handed out today.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Two spots in the Final Four here in Indianapolis are settled, while the last two are up for grabs today. Here is how to watch today's games.

Michigan State vs. Louisville, 2:20pm, CBS

I am not surprised that Michigan State is here. Izzo is just that good and he gets his guys to produce in the tournament year after year. I can't explain it, but no one can. I think they get it done and we have a real chance at an all-Big Ten final. For the record, Michigan State has made the Final Four in two of the last three years it was in Indy, and even had their women's team make it in 2005.

Gonzaga vs. Duke 5:05pm, CBS

Both teams have looked really, really good in reaching the regional final here, so it should be a fun game. It is hard to believe that this is Gonzaga's first Elite 8 since their Cinderella run in 1999. Do we really want a Duke-Kentucky championship game, however?