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Purdue Basketball Player Reviews: Stephen Toyra

The junior walk-on was on scholarship, but played only 16 minutes.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Today is another walk-on that played very little, but he was technically on scholarship and has been a contributor in the past.

Stephen Toyra - Junior

16 minutes played in five appearances, 0 of 2 FG, 0 of 1 3FG, 2 of 4 FT, 2 rebounds

This is the least Toyra has played in his three years on campus. With Purdue having extra scholarships on hand Toyra was awarded one before the season, so at least he got a year of school paid for along with Neal Beshears. In the previous two seasons Toyra had played 30 minutes in each. In 2013-14 he even got some first half minutes as coach Painter was looking for anything to get the team motivated. His best game was last season, when he played six minutes and had four points against Michigan.

As for this season, Toyra was almost exclusively a practice player. He had no playing time after December 10 (Arkansas State) except for a possession or two against Indiana in West Lafayette. He only points came on two free throws against Samford.

Future Expectations:

Toyra has shown in the past he is a smart player that can contribute if needed. His baskets last season against Michigan came mostly out of him moving without the ball and being in the right place for an easy cut to the basket. We're probably not looking at Bobby Buckets-type minutes, but as a smart, savvy player he might be able to contribute something in a pinch.