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2015 NCAA Tournament: Elite 8 Day 1 How To Watch

A pair of teams that Purdue played (and lost to) can reach the Final Four.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

There are only two games today, but history is at least on the line in one of them. Here is how to watch each.

Arizona vs. Wisconsin, 6:09pm, TBS

This will be a doozy and a pseudo-Rose Bowl game. Wisconsin got pushed pretty strongly by North Carolina and Arizona got pushed by Xavier. They have identical 34-3 records. They have nearly identicial bad conference losses (Rutgers and Oregon State). Arizona clearly should have been a one seed in place of a vastly overrated Villanova, too. I like Wisconsin though. They are a step away from a rematch with Kentucky.

Notre Dame vs. Kentucky, 8:49pm, TBS

Both teams deliver perfect halves of basketball Thursday night. Notre Dame could not have played better against Wichita in the second half. Kentucky just obliterated West Virginia in the first half. If Notre Dame is playing its best they have a chance. If Kentucky plays its best they will crush Notre Dame. I think I want Kentucky to win, mostly so we can stop hearing about 1976 Indiana as the greatest team in human history.