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2015 NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Day 2 How to Watch

The last four Elite 8 spots will be earned today.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Maybe next year we're playing on the second weekend of the tournament? It is hard to say. There are still too many variables in play that we can only wait to be solved. In the meantime, here is your schedule for tonight's four Sweet 16 games:

UCLA vs. Gonzaga, 7:15pm, CBS

UCLA can go from a team that might night have even deserved a bid to int he Elite 8. Their selection to the field was as questionable as their first round victory over SMU. Then they had to beat a 14 seed in the second round. If that is not a fortuitous draw I don't know what is.

NC State vs. Louisville, 7:37pm, TBS

Purdue could very well have three opponents reach the Elite 8. Wisconsin is already there. NC State has played extremely well and already beat Louisville at Louisville earlier this season. I kind of want to see the Wolfpack win this one.

Utah vs. Duke, 9:45pm, CBS

I don't think Utah can bring Keith Van Horn for this game, can they? that was the last time Utah made it as far as the Elite 8.

Michigan State vs. Oklahoma, 10:07pm, TBS

While Purdue did not play Oklahoma, they did play Kansas State, who beat Oklahoma twice. This will be an interesting game, but Michigan State just has The Look that Izzo teams get.