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2015 NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Day 1 How to Watch

Your schedule for the first day of the Sweet 16.

Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

The NCAA Tournament is back for four more days. Even though the Boilers aren't playing, I am still watching because I am a college basketball addict. Here is your schedule for today:

Wichita State vs. Notre Dame, 7:15pm, CBS

Maybe the Shockers can pull off the double and knock off both Indiana and Notre Dame within the span of a week. It would be nice, but Notre Dame was clinical last week in overtime against Butler and has seemingly been getting stronger.

North Carolina vs. Wisconsin, 7:47pm, TBS

The Badgers could not have looked better last week and I think the world demands they get a shot at Kentucky. They have the ability to beat the Wildcats and I want to see it, not a North Carolina team where most of their recent teams weren't able to spell UNC.

West Virginia vs. Kentucky, 9:45pm, CBS

The Cincinnati game went about how I expected a Purdue game against Kentucky would have gone. Cincy gave them a push, but Kentucky stepped on the gas and pulled away. Now the Wildcats have two destinies in this tournament: Greatest team of all-time or biggest choke of all-time. There is no middle ground left.

Xavier vs. Arizona, 10:17pm, TBS

This is Xavier's fifth trip to the Sweet 16 since 2008, but they have only gone on to the Elite 8 once in that time. With what Villanova did last week it is pretty clear that Arizona should have been a No. 1 seed instead. Hopefully this sets up an epic Arizona-Wisconsin game on Saturday.