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2015 NCAA Tournament: Day 4 How To Watch

Let's complete the Sweet 16.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

After 40 basketball games over the past three days there are eight left to get us down to the Sweet 16. It is also a Big Ten-heavy day today:

Michigan State vs. Virginia, 12:10pm, CBS

With Villanova out the East Bracket is now wide open for Virginia, or a tough Michigan State team  that is more than happy to get into a rock fight here. It is entirely possible that neither team will crack 50 here.

San Diego State vs. Duke, 2:40, CBS

Does anyone like Duke? If Whale's Vagina State can win both No. 1 seeds on the right side of the bracket will be knocked out. The Aztecs are a pretty good team, but Duke is Duke.

Wichita State vs. Kansas, 5:15pm, CBS

It is a battle of Kansas and we all like Wichita State for knocking out Indiana on Friday. The gold and black colors are nice too. I wouldn't mind them knocking off Kansas at all.

Dayton vs. Oklahoma, 6:10pm, TNT

Dayton kind of got screwed as "the last team in", but they are playing pissed off. After reaching the Elite 8 last year I would not count them out from a deep run again at all.

Iowa vs. Gonzaga, 7:10pm, TBS

Will we get to see Adam Woodbury get into a fight in the NCAA Tournament? I think that is what we all want to see. We will find out if Iowa can keep it going or if Gonzaga is a real threat.

Oregon vs. Wisconsin, 7:45pm, TruTV

Wasn't this a Rose Bowl a few years ago? I think history is demanding a Kentucky-Wisconsin rematch in the Final Four, so Oregon is not the team to get in the way.

West Virginia vs. Maryland, 8:40pm, TNT

These two teams are pretty bitter rivals in almost every sport, so this should be quite entertaining.

Northern Iowa vs. Louisville, 9:40pm, TBS

Like Wichita above, Northern Iowa was criminally underseeded and easily could have been a three seed. After Louisville barely survived round 1 they should beware.