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2015 NCAA Tournament: Day 3 Open Thread

There is still a lot of basketball to watch, so get to it.

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

There is still some basketball to watch, so who am I to deny enjoyment of the greatest event in all of sports. When there are 48 basketball game to watch over the course of four days, with tons of upset potential, tehre are plenty of reasons to be in front of the TV. Here is your schedule for today's second round:

12:10om CBS: UAB vs. UCLA

It's an alphabet battle with a combined seeding number of 25. You never see this.

2:40pm CBS: Cincinnati vs. Kentucky

I kind of hope Kentucky wins by 30, because if it is a close game or if Cincy wins we're really, REALLY going to regret Thursday night.

5:15pm CBS: Ohio State vs. Arizona

D'Angelo Russell makes all things equal here.

6:10pm TNT: Georgia State vs. Xavier

If you can't cheer for Ron Hunter to reach a Sweet 16 you have no heart.

7:10pm TBS: NC State vs. Villanova

Villanova is going to be the first 1 seed out, possibly in this game.

7:45pm CBS: Utah vs. Georgetown

I have no feelings either way about this game.

8:40pm TNT: Arkansas vs. North Carolina

Go Arkansas, as I have a soft spot for the old 40 Minutes of Hell defense.

9:40pm TBS: Butler vs. Notre Dame

At least one team from the state will reach the Sweet 16. Hopefully it is Butler, the premier program in all of Indiana.