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Hello Darkness My Old Friend

Still stinging from last night's loss? Me too! Let's commiserate together!

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Rather than wallow in the sadness from last night I thought we could take a music/gif break from our sorrow. Let's take a look at my reactions throughout the night in gifs. Then let's try and cheer ourselves up shall we?

When AJ got his second foul I was like:

When Purdue kept jacking up threes at a roughly 5% clip:

When Purdue took the lead into halftime:

When the team kept making silly turnovers:

When Cincinnati's player got kicked out:

When Purdue was up by seven with under a minute to go:

After Cincinnati made the three to cut it to four:

When Cincinnati caused the turnover and made an and one to cut the lead to one:

When Purdue missed free throws to win it:

When that Cincinnati buzzer beater rolled in:

All of overtime after the Hammons dunk:

When the realization sets in that Purdue lost:

So it wasn't exactly what we all wanted or even expect last night. To lose like that was just crazy. Purdue has laid a good foundation for the future. The offseason all hinges on what's going on with A.J. Hammons and if Purdue can add anyone else for next season. Remember guys only one team wins the NCAA Tournament. Every other teams winds up sad. Now let's cheer each other up with this sweet music video!

If that's not your thing maybe this video will remind you that Purdue will be back next year. Plus I just love this video.