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2015 NCAA Tournament: Hammer & Rails Bracket Challenge

You think you're smarter than T-Mill? (You probably are).

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation has got something new for us this year. Each season we're encouraged to do an NCAA Tournament pick ‘em contest as site managers, but who wants to pick 63 games and then just wait for stuff to happen? That's boring, and it is so 2014.

So this year, instead of going to our overlords at ESPN or Yahoo, SB Nation has partnered with RealTime Brackets, which offers a unique twist. Instead of having your picks lock as soon as the tournament starts, you can change them at any time, In fact, you can even change them mid game if you like. You can make sure you have a perfect bracket, but there's a cost: You wont earn as many points for changing picks mid-game as you would for sticking with a team from the start. Essentially it's a system that not only makes every game count, it makes every minute matter.

Think of it this way: Your original pick is down by 5 with two minutes left. Is it worth switching teams to try and recoup some points, or ride out your pick and hope they can come back? It adds another layer to each game, one that tests your willpower.

So we're going with this for our group this year. You can join the Hammer & Rails group right here. Also, we were going to have a prize, but our own Juan Crespo had a great idea. Instead of everyone contributing to a prize, we are encouraging people to contribute to the Smith Family BReaKthru Fund that recently got a donation of $100,000 from the Infiniti Coaches Charity. We here at the blog pushed that so well we thought we could do even more for them.

So there it is, guys. Let's have some fun!