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2015 Big Ten Tournament: Wisconsin 71, Purdue 51

Wisconsin is really, really good at basketball.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue led by five at halftime after P.J. Thompson hit a clutch 3-pointer to make it 35-30 at the buzzer. As it turns out, it served only to piss off the Badgers, as they ran roughshod over the Boilers to the tune of a 41-16 second half. So, for 60 minutes this season Purdue played the Badgers just about even, but the second half showed why Wisconsin is probably going to be a number 1 seed tomorrow.

Yes, a loss sucks, but it does not hurt Purdue in the long run. The Boilers were competitive for a half before Wisconsin played like one of the best teams in America. There is no shame in that.. When the brackets are announced tomorrow Purdue will still be in the field of 68, which is amazing when you consider everything this team went through on the court.

Wisconsin was so good they pretty much completely shut down A.J. Hammons in the second half. He had 10 points at halftime, but was scoreless (as was pretty much anyone else on Purdue) after halftime.

So enjoy the rest of the day for basketball. Tomorrow we will find out we're likely an 11 seed somewhere.