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2015 Big Ten Tournament: Day 1 Open Thread

Not much is at stake for Purdue today, as the Boilers can relax and stay in West Lafayette.

Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Big Ten Tournament gets underway this afternoon and here is the schedule for today:


No. 12 Nebraska vs. No. 13 Penn State, 4:30pm, ESPN2

No. 11 Minnesota vs. No. 14 Rutgers, 7pm, BTN

There is not a ton at stake for our Boilers. They are likely even in West Lafayette at least until tomorrow. We could potentially play the Nebraska-Penn State winner and I am torn if I want to or not. On the one hand,  playing a lower seed who is playing its third game in three days while we're on our first game is very advantageous. On the other, if we were to lose to Nebraska or Penn State at this late date (and we didn't exactly beat the Nittany Lions convincingly) a bad loss could still knock us out. At least if we play Iowa it won't be a "bad" loss.

But that is for Friday. For now, let's watch as the conference dregs battle to make a miracle run.