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Keady Court To Get New Paint Scheme

Next season the Boilers will be playing on a newly designed Keady Court

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

There are only three games left for Keady Court in its current incarnation. I saw this Tweet this morning and it set off virtually a design frenzy:

The move comes four years after the last re-painting, which supplied us with our current design:

I am a big fan of this one, and there will probably be some minor tweeks, but that did not stop several people from coming up with their own ideas:

These are solid choices, but then there is this thing, which combines an amalgam of all that is awful:

The new Purdue Pete, the penis-smoke logo, and the ridiculed Makers All all in one? sign me up!

The idea is to get a home court advantage, so why not have a Home. Court. Advantage. Some other suggestions to add:

  • Mini-trampoline for more A.J. Hammons blocks if he returns for his senior year.
  • Alligator-filled moat inside the opposing three-point arc.
  • Boilermaker X-tra Special allowed to be used on fast breaks.
  • Trap doors
  • Expanding three-point arc for opponents.
  • One random wood plank loaded with explosives.
  • Multi-ball cannon.
  • P at center court made from actual 24-karat gold.
  • Glass-topped sarcophagus to inter Gene Keady at center court when he passes away so he can be on permanent display like Lenin or Kim il-Sung.