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Purdue Football: B.J. Knauf forced to hang it up

B.J. Knauf's once promising career was sidetracked by injuries. He's now being forced to give up football.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

B.J. Knauf is being forced to give up football because of medical reasons. I'm going to assume it's because of his concussion problems. B.J. had a fast start to his Purdue career, but just couldn't stay healthy. It's got to be tough to make it this far in your career only to be forced to hang it up. I feel bad for the kid. He put it all on the line for the Boilermakers.

On a related note, it appears bringing in 2 JuCo WR's was a prudent call. I'm guessing the staff had an idea this was going to happen before today.