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Why Football Signing Day Isn't Garbage

An optimists view of National Signing Day.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Personally, I think National Signing Day is kind of cool. One of my room mates in college was an excellent college football player. I had a few other friends that spent their Saturdays rubbing The Rock and running down The Hill. They all enjoyed national signing day because for a few seconds, it was about them. You got to see their faces, see their family, listen to them speak, and basically see them as kids and not just jerseys and helmets.

The thing about college football is that with a few exceptions, the players are anonymous. You don't know anything about the kids other than "I can't believe that kid missed a tackle" or "That kid is garbage, I can't believe we wasted a scholarship on him". What you don't see is the work this guys put in, from the star players to bench warmers. I saw my friend, one of the biggest, strongest dudes I've ever met, struggle to get out of bed on Sundays because he spent all Saturday getting beat on by another 300 pound man. Most players get recognition on signing day and senior day, and I don't really think that's too much ask for their work.

So anyway, I don't mind having one day a year that focuses on the incoming players. They worked hard to get to where they are, and they will spend the next 4-5 years working their tails off. So anyway, you can decide to be a turd in the punch bowl, or you can enjoy National Signing Day for what it is, and try and get excited about the upcoming season.