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Ohio State at Purdue GameThread

Purdue get another ranked team at home and another chance to earn a quality win.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Before getting into tonight's game I want to publicly thank the other writers for stepping it up this week. Rachel, Andrew, Andrew, and Drew have been fantastic in picking up the slack and we're doing killer traffic while I am taking a break and trying to revise the site for the better. At this point, less me is probably better, because there are some other great voices out there that can handle things.

As for tonight, it is another big game. The Buckeyes have been a thorn in Purdue's side ever since Thad Matta came to town. Purdue faced them three times last year and lost all three. We have a habit of playing them close only to lose it right in the end. Since they are the only long-term B1G member with a winning record all-time over the Boilers it is time to do something about it. Do I hear a third straight win over a ranked team?