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2015 Bubble Watch: February 28 Scoreboard Watching

Purdue has its eyes on the TV today.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Once again, there is no Purdue game today, but there are plenty of games that can affect us. Right now Joe Lunardi has us as the first team in Dayton, which is probably something we want to avoid. I would rather get into the real tournament for sure than risk getting knocked out in one of the play-in games. That is, unless we get to play a crappy UCLA team that in no way deserves to be in the field.

So we're back to scoreboard watching. Hopefully with another win we won't be doing as much next week, but for this weekend there is quite a bit to watch. There are 150 games overall being played today, but here are a few that we need to keep an eye on:

Big Ten Games:

Michigan at Maryland, Noon, ESPN

Purdue is currently tied for second with Maryland in the Big Ten, but the Terrapins have the tiebreaker. Another loss by them puts them further from Wisconsin, but keeps us higher in the pecking order for a double bye. That, and if we're going to win the Big Ten outright we need Maryland to lose. Cheer for: Michigan

Iowa at Penn State, 6pm, ESPNU

Purdue can finish no lower than sixth in the Big Ten, and that drops to fifth before we even play on Sunday if Iowa loses. Cheer for: Penn State

Northwestern at Illinois, 7pm, BTN

Illinois has finally slipped behind us according to most projections, and some have them out of the field entirely. They could be slipping overall and they get red hot Northwestern (not a typo) that can severely damage their hopes. Cheer for: Northwestern

Other games:

North Carolina State at Boston College, Noon, ESPN3

The Wolfpack have played their way into the field pretty solidly, so now is not the time to falter. Since they are our best nonconference win we need it to stay good.

Georgetown at St. John's, Noon, CBS

Fine! Cheer for Gene Keady's team even though they are the stereotypical New York team that gets far too much attention for what little results they deliver. They fit right in sharing a building with the Knicks and Rangers. Cheer for: St. John's

Missouri at Georgia, Noon, ESPNU

Missouri, do us a favor: beat Georgia so you knock them behind us and give us a better victory over you. Cheer for: Missouri

Rhode Island at LaSalle, 12:30pm, NBCSN

Rhode Island is not much of a danger. They are not the one who knocks. They are still a Bubble team. Cheer for: LaSalle

North Carolina at Miami (FL) 2pm, CBS

The Hurricanes are on the outside looking in and need something strong to add to their road win at Duke. This would be it. North Carolina is pretty overrated, but they are still a good team. Cheer for: North Carolina

Villanova at Xavier, 2pm, FOX

Xavier is creeping up into the tourney discussion and beating a top 10 Villanova team would be a huge boost. Cheer for: Villanova

Mississippi at LSU, 2pm, Fox Sports

No real rooting interest here, but it is an SEC Bubble battle where the loser is damaged, but the winner gets a boost.

Oklahoma State at Texas Tech, 4pm, ESPNNews

The Cowboys are free-falling, hopefully behind us. They are 17-10 after losing three and a row and are not as solidly in the tournament as they once were. Cheer for: Texas Tech

Iowa State at Kansas State, 4pm, ESPN2

Kansas State is probably out of the danger zone of falling below 100, but I wanted them to stay that way. Cheer for: Kansas State

Alabama at Vanderbilt, 4pm, Fox Sports Network

Like Kansas State, it is all about getting Vanderbilt into the top 100. Cheer for: Vanderbilt

Texas at Kansas, 5pm, ESPN

I have no idea how, but Texas is the first team out despite being three games under .500 in their own conference. Kansas needs to end them. Cheer for: Kansas

Stetson at North Florida, 7pm, ESPN3

A win gives the Ospreys the No. 1 seed in the Atlantic Sun Tournament and at minimum an automatic NIT bid. Cheer for: North Florida

Boise State at San Diego State, 8pm, ESPN2

Boise is right there in the Bubble mix with us, so it's time to cheer for Whale's Vagina State. Cheer for: SDSU

Auburn at Texas A&M, 8:30pm, SEC Network

I have paid more attention o SEC basketball than football this year. Because of that, I know Texas A&M is ahead of us and needs a bad loss. Cheer for: Auburn

BYU at Gonzaga, 10pm, ESPN2

This is a huge game for BYU, as it can put them into the tournament and give our own profile a big boost. Cheer for: BYU