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Boiler Goggles - 2/26

A look at the world of sports through black and gold lenses with March right around the corner.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Bracketology: Life On The Bubble - ESPN Video - ESPN
In what would be an interesting storyline, Lunardi has us as an eleven seed which means play-in game against the team Octeus was originally planning to play for this year in the UCLA Bruins.

Projecting the 2015 Big Ten Basketball Race: February 24 - The Only Colors
An interesting read, particularly if you like charts and simulations. According to computers, Purdue has a 50% chance of finishing with 12 wins in conference, but you already knew that. They break down all the Big Ten teams and their probability of finishes to give you a full picture of the Big Ten Race.

Quick Reaction: Northwestern 72, Indiana 65 - The Crimson Quarry

A Northwestern upset? A fan base calling for their coach's head? This sounds familiar. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but here's to hoping the bulbs are all burnt out. Unhappy IU fans are my favorite IU fans.

Rutgers Basketball: Previewing Purdue - On the Banks

And as bad as IU fans feel, it's nothing compared to the hollow emptiness of rooting for a never been.

Before the big dance, there is the meeting of Big Ten teams where we hope to get a double bye, and add to our NCAA profile. This is a nice break down of what the field would look like and who we would be playing if the season ended today.

#Top10Thursday: Scariest Mascots - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
I guess any national exposure is good exposure? Though Pete and frightening doesn't seem to correlate, but I might be a little biased.

Florida St Seminoles vs. Miami (FL) Hurricanes - Recap - February 25, 2015 - ESPN
This is nothing Boiler related, just absurd and amazing. Xavier Rather-Mayes scores 30 points in the final 4 minutes and 38 seconds in a LOSS to the Hurricanes of Miami.

Wisconsin Badgers team plane forced to make emergency landing - ESPN
The loss to Maryland was hardly the end of a bad bad night for the Badgers.

Big Ten Conference says it won't make changes on freshman eligibility without national consensus - ESPN
The Big Ten continues to kick the can around going back to a world of short-shorts and freshman ineligibility. I'll leave the hypocrisy of forcing student-athletes to spend a 'year in readiness' while the Big Ten and NCAA makes billions off these student-athletes to all of you.