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2015 Bubble Watch: Sunday Scoreboard Watching

Once again, we're watching Bubble teams we hope fall by the wayside.

Tom Crean calls for a third loss to Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament.
Tom Crean calls for a third loss to Purdue in the Big Ten Tournament.
Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

Like yesterday, there are a lot of games that could affect our Boilers because of the Bubble right now. Sunday doesn't have as many games , but there are a few that involve fellow Bubble teams or teams we have played.

Big Ten Games:

Ohio State at Michigan, 1pm, CBS - Ohio State is one of the teams battling Purdue for a double bye in the Big Ten Tournament, they are also one of our better wins, but since we only played Michigan once we want them as strong as possible. Also, making Ohio State play on Thursday would be nice, especially with a tough game in Columbus still to come. Cheer for: Michigan

Iowa at Nebraska, 3pm, BTN - Purdue has played and beaten both teams once, so the winner will be stronger. That's why we want Iowa, who is a potential NCAA Tournament team, to win. If they were to get in it makes our profile look much better.

Indiana at Rutgers, 5:15pm, BTN - If Indiana wants to mess with us they will collapse, lose to Rutgers, and start a slide that knocks them out of the NCAA Tournament. Since they are now two of Purdue's strongest wins they can weaken our profile by losing a bunch of games. I hate to say it, but we need them to do well. Cheer for: Indiana

Michigan State at Illinois, 7:30pm, BTN - The Illini are a Bubble team along with us and already have a victory over the Boilers in Champaign. Knocking them further back in the conference is not a bad idea, but Michigan State is tied with Purdue in the loss column for one of those double byes. Let's have Illinois win so they are not desperate when t hey comet o West Lafayette. Cheer for: Illinois

Other games:

Memphis at UCF, 2pm, CBSSports - Memphis is another fringe Bubble team doing well in the American, but they are 16-10 overall with an RPI of 92. Time to put them out of their misery. Cheer for: UCF

Utah at Oregon, 3pm, FoxSports1 - This is a huge game for Oregon, who is 19-8 with a decent win over Illinois, but no great wins, so they are a Bubble team with an RPI of 59 very close to Purdue. Getting a top 10 Utah team at home would be huge. Cheer for: Utah

Temple at Tulsa, 6pm, CBSSports - Both teams are close, but Temple is mostly projecting as an 8 seed while Tulsa is listed as a "Last Four Out" right now. Frank Haith is also a scumbag and a terrible coach, so screw him. Cheer for: Temple