Duff/Comrie Done

Noticed this while surfing this morning.

If memory serves, the recent multi year period of hoops darkness in West Lafayette began when someone posted a picture of a very grateful Hillary Duff showing her appreciation to Mr. Comrie for offering to make an honest woman of her. Seeing her on her knees was more than the dead Indians buried under The Barn could bear and Robbie crumpled to the floor.

Though we are not quite back to where we should be, Painter is smiling, the kids are having fun and once again, "Defense Lives Here" - we are clearly heading in the right direction. After noting Purdue's improving hoops fortunes and watching the Mighty Boilers dispatch the Banner Shadowmen of Bedrock for the second time in a month, Hillary decided enough was enough and instructed her man to file the papers.

I can't explain it but this evil union has clearly cast an ugly pall over the hardwood fortunes of our beloved Boilermakers. As we put it in our rearview, this dark period will need a name (think Combover Hangover for the Keady/Painter transition).

As I wondered what a proper moniker might be, it occurred to me that those who endured the pain of the last few years should contribute to this effort. But where would I find such a frustrated collection of masochists? Why Hammer and Rails of course!!

What do you say, gang? Let's mark our resurgence by closing the door on this very dark period. What would YOU call the last few years????

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