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So You Want To Write For Hammer & Rails

T-Mill needs more writers. How can you help?

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Hello again everybody. As many of you know, I was recently, and surprisingly, laid off from a new position I had taken in September. Well, Today I started a new position with the Yellow Pages of Canada creating website content for them as a Copywriter. Yes, it is odd that the Canadian Yellow Pages has an office in Indianapolis, but whatever, they hired me. It is a very good job with excellent benefits, but the unfortunate side is that it can effect what I do here at Hamm & Rails.

Don't worry, I am not going anywhere. I will just be unable to work on posts during the day any more for at least a little while. Even if I get back to it, the truth is that after six years of running an SB Nation site, buying a house, having a kid, and everything else going on in my life I am getting burnt out. I need to cut back.

Right now, SB Nation requires an average of 1.6 posts per day to be "a blog in good standing". Hammer & Rails hit that last month with 58 posts, averaging 1.87 per day. That's good, and you readers are great about coming back as we're regularly blowing other sites away that post four times as much as we had over 529,000 page views last month. For being a Purdue site, that is simply excellent, and you can make it better.

Basically, I need help. Andrew, Drew, Juan, Rachel, Zach, and Andrew (Jumboheroes) are doing a great job, but I specifically need some help getting the post volume up and taking some of the many things off of my plate. In the Big Ten network alone only Off Tackle Empire and Crimson Quarry posted fewer times last month than H&R. Many blogs posted twice as much. I simply can't do that much.

I would love to cut back to one post per day, either at night when I am home or planning it ahead and scheduling it (as I do want to spend more time with my wife and son and between this and my newspaper job, which I am also cutting back, it not currently happening). What I really need is a breaking news person or two. I need people that are tied in like me and can do a quick post if news breaks during the day, as I can't really publish posts from my new job. An example is the home-and-home series for football with Wake Forest that was announced today. That's something quick and easy to do, but I won't be able to grab it during the day anymore.

That is the biggest area of help I need. I could also use someone who wants to write about basketball recruiting and, when there isn't much there, can possibly do some of the advanced metrics stuff since I know absolutely nothing about it.

With all these roles you'll basically be free to post if you have a great post idea. Think of it as the ultimate FanPost ability. Those that do those are great, but I need people who can do some fairly regular content. If you want to write about any of the other Purdue sports (softball, wrestling, track, etc.), feel free as well.

Honestly, I could use a couple of people if you're willing to post pretty regularly. I am not thinking every single day like me (but would be welcome to it), but 3-5 times per week would be ideal, especially if you could be the "Breaking News" person. In terms of pay, I can't offer much, but I do receive a decent stipend per month from SB Nation. I am going to examine how easily I can divide it up among the current regular writers and go from there. The good news is that with more posts, page views will go up. As page views go up, the stipend goes up. There are also incentives that SB Nation offers every month we can discuss.

So yes, that is what I am looking for. I know many of you are very active in the FanPosts and have done a great job. If you're a student and on campus, even better. I have contacts with the athletic department and we can discuss some live event reporting because I can't be in West Lafayette all the time.

So that's the story. I need help, more than one person. If you're interested, send an e-mail to the site's e-mail at HammerAndRails at Gmail and Juan and I can take a look at it.