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Saturday Scoreboard Watching: Games Important To Purdue

Purdue doesn't play today, but it doesn't meant here is no college basketball to watch.

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

There are 138 games involving Division I basketball teams today. Since it is mid-February, that means many have post-season implications. Since Purdue is on the Bubble, several  have a direct effect on us and our profile. Here are the key games:

Ohio State at Michigan State, Noon, ESPN

One of Purdue's best wins is over the Buckeyes, so we want it as strong as possible. Another bonus would be sending Michigan State toward the Bubble so we can pass them. Root for: Ohio State

St. John's at Xavier, 12:30pm

For now, St. John's is on the Bubble, but a loss to Xavier might have the Minutemen take their place. I would rather have a team trying to come from behind us than one ahead of us that is fading: Root for: Xavier

Gardner-Webb at Winthrop, 1pm

Gardner-Webb is in one of the tightest conferences in the country, and we want them to be as strong as possible. Maybe, just maybe, they win the auto-bid and give us a loss to an NCAA team. Root for: Gadner-Webb

North Florida at Kennesaw State 2pm

North Florida lost to South Carolina Upstate this week and they now trail FGCU by a game in the loss column for their conference. They still control their destiny to win that league with an earlier win over FGCU and a second game upcoming against them. Root for: North Florida

Oregon at UCLA 3pm

Anything that pushes an overrated UCLA team closer to the Bubble is good, but it also helps Oregon. This is a bit of a toss-up, but a loss by UCLA is crippling. Root for: Oregon

Seton Hall at Providence 4pm

Seton Hall needs to be put out of its misery as a Bubble team, and Providence can do it. The Friars are already a solid NCAA team.  Root for: Providence

Mississippi State at Missouri 4pm ESPNU

Just win a damn game already, Missouri! Root for: Missouri

IUPUI at Denver 6pm

Even a small boost can help a little. Root for: IUPUI

San Jose State at Wyoming 6pm

Wyoming is another Bubble team ahead of us in some projections, and a loss to 2-21 San Jose State would really hurt them. Root for: San Jose State

Florida at Texas A&M 6:30pm SECNetwork

Of all the Bubble teams, the Aggies are likely one of the most safe. Getting dinged by a bad Florida team would be a good way to knock them back closer to us. Root for: Florida

Boise State at Fresno State 7pm ESPN3

Another Mountain West team that is fighting us for a spot. This is an underrated conference with some quality basketball that is likely better than the Big East, but doesn't have New York sportswriters drooling over it. Root for: Fresno State

Oklahoma at Kansas State 8pm, ESPN2

The Wildcats have lost five in a row, but already won in overtime in Norman against No. 17 Oklahoma. Right now this loss is really hurting us, so getting Kansas State back intot he top 100 is critical. Root for: Kansas State.

Vanderbilt at Alabama 8pm, ESPNU

The same is true for Vandy. They are a loss outside the top 100 right now and that sucks. Root for: Vanderbilt

Maryland at Penn State 8:30pm BTN

Purdue won at Penn State, so making a true road win stronger is never a bad thing. It also helps us stay in second place if Maryland gets another loss. Root for: Penn State

Pacific at BYU 9pm

A victory here for BYU gives them 20 wins and makes our victory over them in Maui even better. Root for: BYU