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Boiler Goggles - 2/12 links

A look at the world of sports through black and gold tinted glasses.

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Welcome to Boiler Goggles, where we challenge the notion that the world revolves around the sun. For us die-hards, Boiler Nation is the epicenter and gravity that holds us to the world of athletics.

Here is a quick collection of Purdue related, quasi-related Purdue stories, and generally interesting links from the past few days:

Matt Painter on Isaac Haas: Needs more playing time
No. No. He really doesn't. Unless he can play with Hammons, and I assume, since Painter has yet to use that lineup this year, that he can't. Then again, if you can figure out Painter's rotation you are some kind of super genius. Seriously, he's the best. (Basil, Bryson, and PJ can now go run themselves into a wall.)

Boilers Open with Trip Into the Smokies for Series at WCU - PURDUESPORTS.COM - Purdue Official Athletic Site
Boiler baseball opens up in the Smokies. Which is a problem because despite a balmy 47 degree high on Saturday, the temperatures are near freezing Friday and Sunday. There's a reason the best baseball programs come from the south. February is no time to be hitting hard balls with aluminum bats. My hands hurt just typing about this.

Six Players To Compete at USA National Team Tryouts - PURDUESPORTS.COM - Purdue Official Athletic Site
So, we can finally stop screaming injustices about our Volleyball team not being invited to things now, right?

E'Twaun Moore Stats, News, Videos, Highlights, Pictures, Bio - Chicago Bulls - ESPN
Checking in on some old Boilers in the league and I already miss the Smooge who was able to get consistent run on those terrible Orlando teams. The Bulls host Cleveland Thursday in what should be a hotly contested game that could lead to a three-way tie in the East for third place. Don't expect to catch a sight of him tomorrow.

Home | Infiniti Coaches' Charity Challenge
First, Legos Purdue Pete, and now Infiniti's coaches' charity challenge - again. Whatever those Purdue engineers and computer whizzes are doing is working. Keep it up. Now, if we could just figure out a way to make a voting challenge online to get Burke removed from office.

Rutgers Attendance: It just keeps getting better - On the Banks
Rutgers beat Wisconsin. No Big Ten road game is easy. Any team can win any one game.There's a whole lot of tropes in play tonight. Rutgers has the least attended athletic events in the conference, but we also just played a game where we gave the ball to Minnesota more than their ball boys.

Who’s That Guy? Ohio State’s D’Angelo Russell! "
I'm still shocked we beat Ohio State. This investigation into the player that is the best freshman in the Big Ten (probably the best player in the Big Ten, sorry Kaminsky) makes it all the more dream-like that we were able to pull off the upset that stopped a six straight victories against us streak. Also, the kid is really fun to watch.

Wooden Award Late Season Top 20 list revealed - ESPN
No Boilers, a Buckeye and a Badger, and the Badger is probably the favorite to win the award, I guess. It's not a surprise. The kid is absolutely phenomenal, and according to Big Ten officials, has never committed a foul in his career.

And in what will be the start of a tradition -

IU still sucks.

The fascinating weirdness of Tom Crean -
It's a strange time to be an Indiana fan. If you want to feel better about Painter or just your life in general, read this. It will make you appreciate the relative sanity of your life as well as the state of Purdue basketball. Also, I have never read such a weird breakdown of a person in my entire life.

Nothing fuels fan spirit like vitriol for the rivals.

Purdue at Rutgers: TV, Time, Odds, Streaming, How to Watch - Hammer and Rails

As always, Travis has updated you on all you need to know about tonight's game against the relatively unfamiliar and new Big Ten foe.

Boiler up.