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Rob Ninkovich And Greg Orton Win First Super Bowl

Two more Boilermakers claim a Super Bowl Ring.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the fraternity, men. Rob Ninkovich, a two-year Boiler under coach Tiller, and receiver Greg Orton, a  four-year Boiler who was on injured reserve for New England, have joined the fraternity of Purdue players that have won at least one Super Bowl ring. This was Ninkovich's second appearance in a Super Bowl, as he played for New England three years ago in Indianapolis. Orton was in last year's Super Bowl as a member of Denver's practice squad. He was injured before the season started and still has yet to play a down in the NFL, but he has been good enough to still be a practice squad member on teams like Denver and New England despite not playing at all.

I feel for Ninkovich, as he only played in four games in his first four NFL seasons, was often injured, but persevered and is now at the mountaintop.

Boiler Up, Rob!