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The Return of Rick Mount?

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According to Gregg Doyel of the Indy Star, Rick Mount will attend the Purdue vs. Iowa Game.

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"I miss you Rick!"-Matt Painter
"I miss you Rick!"-Matt Painter
Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

I'm not old enough to have watched Rick Mount play at Purdue. I'm not even old enough to honestly know what Rick Mount looks like today. To me Rick Mount has always been the black and white, and sometimes color, images I see at Purdue game intros. Rick Mount is that smiling face on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Rick Mount is "The Rocket". Rick Mount is the mythical shooter from Lebanon, IN who could hit a shot from anywhere, and did, as a prolific scorer in West Lafayette. Rick Mount is a giant in the pantheon of Purdue basketball, but I've never seen him in person. He lives just down the road in Lebanon, less than an hour drive to Mackey Arena, but I've never seen him. Rick Mount is the great white whale of Purdue basketball. He's the one that the team simply couldn't coax back.

Depending on who you ask you'll get any number of reason why Mount hasn't come back to his alma mater. Some of the reasons are petty, some are benign, and some seem simply outlandish. Perhaps we won't ever know the real reason. Does a guy really need a reason to not live in his past? Rather than simply basking in the reflected glory from the fans Mount has chosen to live his life and honestly who can blame him for that? Over the years Purdue has tried numerous times to honor the man at the arena but for one reason or another it simply never came to be. This weekend that all might change if Gregg Doyel's information is accurate.

Purdue is planning to honor Rick Mount, regardless of if he is in the arena or not, at the Iowa game. Against Iowa Mount scored 61 points, a then NCAA record, during his senior season. Rick Mount is still the leading scorer at Purdue amassing an impressive 2,323 points during his career (keep in mind there was no three point shot during his time in college basketball). Purdue will honor him, if he's there or not, on Saturday with his very own bobblehead. Get there early if you hope to get one. This also could be the first step in a glorious return for Rick Mount and a reconciliation with Purdue basketball. I for one wish I could see it.