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Purdue Football Coaching Changes: Randy Melvin for Defensive Line

Purdue gets a familiar name to return home.

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Our blogging buddies at State of the U have picked up on a rumor that Purdue is about to fill one of its two remaining openings for its coaching staff. Randy Melvin is supposedly taking his talents from South Beach and coming to West Lafayette to be Purdue's newest defensive line coach.

Melvin is a well-traveled defensive line coach who has actually been here before. You will be excited to know that he was the defensive ends coach under Joe Tiller from 1997-99. So he is the man that started the Den of Defensive Ends with Rosevelt Colvin and Chike Okeafor back in the day. His first stint at Purdue was very, very good, and it is clear Purdue needs a pass rush and has some talent to work with in Gelen Robinson and Antoine Miles.

Since leaving Purdue after the 1999 season he went to the New England Patriots (where he won a Super Bowl in 2001), Rutgers, the Cleveland Browns, Temple, Rutgers again, the BC Lions, the Tampa Bay Bucs, Florida International, and Miami for the last season.

This last year Miami's pass rush was mediocre at best, however. Trent Harris led the team with just 3.5 sacks. In 2014 at FIU he had much better numbers. The Golden Panthers had 31 sacks led by Mike Wakefeld with 8.

Overall this is a solid hire. If Purdue can replicate the production from the defensive line during Melvin's first tenure it will result in dramatic improvement along the defensive line.