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A Michigan Blogger Helps Us Look At Terry Malone

Brian Cook helps us learn more about Terry Malone's offensive style.

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I admit I was not high on Terry Malone when Purdue promoted him to offensive coordinator, but I am willing to learn more. As a result, I contacted a few Michigan writers to see what they had to say about him from his time as Michigan's offensive coordinator. One of them responded, so thisis what Brian Cook of MGoBlog had to say:

It's difficult to get a read on Malone as an independent operator. By the end of Carr's tenure it was clear a large part of the offensive philosophy came from the head man.

But for what it's worth, Malone was the most well-liked of Michigan's offensive coordinators under Carr. He was the guy with the explosive early Henne offenses. He was a one back, three wide guy and he took advantage of his Breaston/Braylon/Avant WR corps very well. Michigan was way too conservative most of the time, but that's probably not Malone's fault.

So, more hope than if you'd hired Mike DeBord after years out of football. But the best I can offer is a fuzzy good feeling. Relatively good, anyway.