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Terry Malone Named Purdue's Offensive Coordinator

Purdue has decided to promote from within.

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This is certainly anti-climactic and disappointing.

More than three weeks after John Shoop was let go as Purdue's offensive coordinator Purdue has hired his replacement: Former tight ends coach Terry Malone.

Malone has been an OC before, serving int he role at both Bowling Green and Michigan. He was offensive coordinator in his final four seasons and was even a finalist for the Broyles Award at one point. he brings experience to the position even if it was more than 10 years ago.

What makes it anti-climactic is that we all saw this coming. It was just a week ago that coach Hazell was getting resumes and was excited to have many great candidates in mind. Instead, he promoted from within without a single rumor of some new blood coming to the surface. for all we know Purdue never once looked outside of promoting within. that, or it looked outside and got laughed off because of the dire state of the program and tenuous job situation for Hazell himself. No one wanted to tie themselves to the sinking ship that is Hazell with the responsibility of saving everything or being out of a job in a year. Now it is up to Malone.

What is even more disappointing is that this move was not made midseason. I don't care if Burke hates to fire people midseason. The team was floundering and if this was going to be the end result at least give it a shot.

So now we have a guy who is an expert with tight ends running our offense, which has struggled to use tight ends since Hazell got here. He gets the promotion under the, "well, he can't really be as bad as the last guy," rule. Sounds fantastic!

We will repeat this process in a few days when Marcus Freeman is surely promoted to defensive coordinator.