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Purdue Football Coaching Changes: Take a Breath

Let the process work before we get too riled up.

See it's funny because they don't want to be associated with the product on the's why they wear bags...
See it's funny because they don't want to be associated with the product on the's why they wear bags...
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Travis and I agree on a lot of things. Obviously we are both big Purdue fans, but there is a large amount of variance in our way of thinking on most subjects. As I was perusing the site, as I do from time to time, I came across the post regarding Kevin Sumlin and if it's possible that one day he returns to Purdue on a white winged horse and saves the football program. I don't see it happening, but one thing in the article did catch my eye and I'll quote it below for those who have not yet read the piece from Travis.

Things are in motion on the Purdue coaching front. No, I don't mean in hiring coordinators. That would take actual foresight to be going after someone and not having the positions sit open for 2.5 weeks with no movement whatsoever. That's just laughable that we would want to move this early.

I get the sentiment. It's an easy way to be anti-Burke, take a potshot at Purdue football, and more than likely get a lot of agreement. People see an open job on a football staff and assume it must be filled within the hour. Unfortunately, we live in the real world and that's not how things work, but that's okay. In the real non-blogging world my line of work is HR. HR isn't flashy or exciting, and quite frankly I don't enjoy it, but it pays the bills and I'm quite knowledgeable if I do say so myself. I help to hire multiple people each and every week #grind #nodaysoff #blessed. One might say I know a thing or two about hiring and firing is what I'm getting at. That's why I'm not at all worried about Purdue not having hired someone at this point.

Ideally, in the world of college sports if you are firing someone you would have a replacement candidate in mind. Sometimes though you just have to rip off the Shoop and Hudson bandaid knowing that something better is out there. The news broke on Nov. 29th that the three Purdue coaches were fired. Today is December 17th, May the Force be With You, that's not even three full weeks since the firings took place. Bowl season hasn't even begun yet and yet some fans, ***cough Travis cough***, are clamoring for Purdue to have already made a decision on these all important hires. Purdue, and more importantly Hazell, need these hires to be right. Hazell needs these hires to be productive in order to continue to be at Purdue University coaching our beloved Boilermakers. Should he make three hires that all strike out we all assume he will be out of a job. I'm not sure about you but if I'm making roughly $2 million a year I'd really want to keep that job. I'm sure Hazell wants to keep making that paper! In order to do so he knows he must hire the best people for these open jobs and must use their talents in a way that generates more wins and more revenue for Purdue football.

The question you have to ask yourself is do you want to hire Mr. Right or do you want to hire Mr. Right Now? If it's the latter than by all means rush out and hire the first resume you receive and the first person you interview. If all you care about is getting a warm body into a crucial position than you certainly have had plenty of time for that. If however, like me, you believe Purdue must take great care in filling these roles than going slowly shouldn't bother you at all. In fact, this should be a good sign as it shows that Hazell knows the severity of these hires and is taking his time in order to ensure the best fit. This year there are 78 teams playing in bowl games. 78 teams. That means there are 78 coaching staffs around the country that Purdue could poach from, ideally, that are still in season. That makes interviewing more difficult and it makes taking another job extremely difficult on any coach, especially those who are young and looking to make a move. A B1G team that has finished in the cellar in recent years with a head coach on the hottest of seats isn't exactly a destination for top names which makes the search that much tougher which is yet another reason this could take some time.

I know the en vogue thing to do is dump on Burke and dump on Hazell. It's fun, it's easy, and most importantly, it's cathartic. Purdue football has been a train wreck for the last three years. For most of us here that means our Saturday's have been thrown out of whack and that makes us angry. To me though it seems like a large section of the fanbase would rather Purdue go 2-10 next year than see Purdue improve to 7-5 if it means Burke and Hazell get some modicum of credit. I think if you're rooting for Purdue football to improve, which all of us should be, you have to root for them to hire the best possible people. If that's what you want than you need to allow the process to play out. The hiring process isn't always a fun one but rushing into hiring the first name you see is nearly always a recipe for disaster. To be fair taking your time and being deliberate doesn't guarantee a solid hire but it's where I'd lay my money should I go to Vegas and Vegas has somehow transformed into a place where people bet on HR functions and the best way to implement them.

All this is a very long and convoluted way of telling you all to relax. When there's news we will report it. When there is news you can pick it apart in the comments and tell us all why they should've hired ***insert pet candidate here*** and why ***insert Burke and/or Hazell here depending on personal viewpoint*** is/are an idiot(s). In order to improve Purdue needs these hires to be right. To me, if that takes time I'm willing to give it to them. The first Purdue football game isn't even until Sept. 3rd so there's no reason Purdue needs to hire a coach today (yes they need one for the offseason I know that). Let's let the process play out and hope Hazell and Burke find the right people for the jobs.