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Have a Question for Men's Basketball?

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If so, now may be your best chance!

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You really see the intensity in this picture.
You really see the intensity in this picture.
Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

We have a bit of an interesting opportunity here at the site this week. A good friend of the site, Clinton Cole, will have the opportunity to attend Men's Basketball practice on December 11th and get the chance to interview the team. For those of you that don't know Clinton he is one of the guys behind Deep Dish Sports. They write all manner of sports info and I was actually the guest on Clinton's podcast last week. It was rather enjoyable. If you're so inclined you should give it a listen. I'm on the back half of the podcast starting at around 1:09.

Clinton reached out to me about his opportunity to see if the readers of Hammer and Rails had any specific questions they'd like answered by the team. They can be deep and thought provoking, or they can be about pizza. We all know A.J. Hammons loves him some pizza. There's obviously no guarantee your question will be used or that if it is used you'll get a satisfying answer, probably don't ask why Hammons wasn't playing earlier, but it's at least a chance.

Leave your questions in the comments and Clinton will be checking back between now and the 11th. We will obviously be sharing his answers in one form or another after the 11th. So this is your chance, make it count.