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Exhibition Final: Purdue 92, Northwestern Ohio 43

Purdue basketball is back.

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Purdue rolls, 92-43, over Northwestern Ohio in the first and only exhibition game of the year.

The Racers came into the game with a decided disadvantage when it came to size. Their three tallest players all top out at 6'7", all shorter than our starting small forward, saying nothing of the 7'2" center we have in Haas. This was not a competitive game in any sense. That's good.

What isn't good? A. J. Hammons was once again placed on the bench after not playing in the scrimmage against Dayton. As a senior, you're not worried about him getting him game reps in, but what is concerning is that as a senior he is still needing to be benched by Coach Painter to get a message across.

There's not much to gain from the team as a whole. Northwestern Ohio does not belong on the same court as a B10 team. They lacked size, athleticism, and skill. Haas for the most part could have just stood under the basket and had  his teammates feed him lobs all evening. So instead, let's break the game down player by player.

Vince Edwards

  • The absolute best player on the court. He was a menace in transition, drawing fouls and converting And 1's.
  • 6-9 from the floor, 2-5 from 3, and 4-4 from the free throw line for 18 points.
  • He looked like a different athlete, converting at the hoop and dunking consistently. He was taking off in transaction and making smart choice.
  • Had an early highlight when he had a chase down block on a Racer in the open court.
  • His add quickness matched with his length is going to be huge for us defensively. He's another wing stopper next to Davis.
Caleb Swanigan
  • Stat-sheet stuffer with 12 pts, 11 rbs, and 4 assists.
  • He looks very mechanical and stiff on defense, particularly when guarding off the ball. Didn't have very good timing or angles going after shots near the rim. Didn't block a single shot despite a very large size advantage. Seems a little unsure, lacks aggression.
  • But man, when the ball goes up, he goes after it. He's got very long arms and a base you aren't going to move. He's gonna get boards, offensively and defensively.
  • Shot 4 for 7 from the field and 4 for 6 from the line. He lacks the explosiveness to finish quickly at the rim so instead of and-1's he's left with two free throws.
  • His mid range shot is solid, but slow. He'll need it while sharing the floor with another big.
  • With Hammons not playing, Swanigan and Haas alternated playing together and then playing with just the one big. Defensively the Boilers will struggle to protect the rim with just Biggie out there, and that's the exact thing Caleb didn't want when he picked Purdue. He wants to play the four.
  • Showed pretty good feet when hedging on pick and rolls. His long arms will make it difficult to get a pass around him to the roller.
Isaac Haas
  • 18 pts, 8 rbs, 3 assists, 2 TOs, and 4 blocks.
  • THREE ASSISTS! Haas showed improved vision. He was one of the worst passers in all of basketball last year, and he made a couple passes to open cutters that he would not have made last year. He had a lot of time to survey though as the Racers didn't have anyone on their roster that could even reach the ball if he held it over his head.
  • But there's a very nice chemistry developing between Haas and Swanigan. Haas just missed an oop to Swanigan that would have blown the roof off Mackey. It seems he has a good sense of where Swanigan is going to be, and the two are a menace crashing the offensive glass.
  • Haas showed a lot of improvement at chasing down blocks. His timing was solid, he was in the right place, and he really doesn't have to leave his feet to alter or block shots allowing him to stay in good position to gather rebounds or challenge put back opportunities.
Johnny Hill
  • 6 pts, 1 rb, 1 ast, 0 TO
  • He's gonna challenge Octeus for skinniest legs I've ever seen. Must be a grad school thing.
  • He didn't turn the ball over, and that's issue number one going in with him.
  • But he also didn't attack that much. He played 16 minutes and hit all his shots, but only created one assist. He showed a nice pace getting into the paint to hit a floater in the second half, but he seems to be still feeling out the offense.
  • His size on defense will probably what gets him most his time on the court. He was solid, but not as long as Octeus.
Rapheal Davis
  • 6 pts, 2 assists
  • He injured his leg early in the first half and didn't play much, but did return in the second half and seemed fine.
  • He's the captain. He hit 1 of 2 threes and did a few Davis things. We know who he is at this point.
P. J. Thompson
  • 5 pts, 6 asts, 5 rbs, 2 TOs
  • He was playing like someone trying to win minutes back. He played hard, attacked, and occasionallypressed to make a play.
  • He seems a lot more comfortable in the offense, able to anticipate when and where someone would be open.
  • Only shot the ball twice, making a catch and shoot 3 and missing a catch and shoot mid range look.
  • He won some rebounds and loose balls he had no business getting.
Ryan Cline
  • Took 6 shots, all 3 pointers, and he missed everyone of them.
  • 4 assists, 0 turnovers
  • Got the offense going early in the first half when the Racers were hanging around, and the players seemed lethargic. He's a smart, smart passer. He got the ball to the bigs inside, including a pretty no look feed inside to Swanigan after a pump fake. He knows how to his shooting as a threat to get other players looks.
  • His last two three point attempts were late in the game, and an obvious attempt to not leave a goose egg in the scoring problems, but his first four misses were all good shots. They'll start to fall.
  • He might be our most creative passer.
Kendall Stephens
  • 13 pts, 1 ast, 1 rb, 1 TO
  • 3-10 from 3
  • His shot was not there tonight, but he knows how to get open. One three was a last second of the shot clock heave from 30 feet, and another was a poor decision, but for the most part he got himself open a lot. Again, those shots will fall as the year goes on.
  • He made a layup in transition where he could have settled for a jumper.
  • He's really long, and a good athlete. The potential on defense is still there.
Jacquil Taylor
  • 8 pts, 7 rbs, 1 ast, 1 blk, 1 to
  • Despite Hammons sitting, he didn't play until a handful of minutes into the second half.
  • Probably tests as a very good athlete, but doesn't show it off much on the court in basketball ways that are helpful.
  • Showed a soft touch around the rim hitting a couple floaters.
  • Probably not going to play much this year.
  • Got blocked on one possession, recovered the ball, dribbled to the hoop and got blocked again. Was not pretty.
Dakota Mathias
  • 8 pts, 3 rbs, 7 asts, 0 TOs
  • He disappears on the court at times, or so it seems, but then you look and see he had a team-high 7 assists and 0 turnovers. He just makes the right play.
  • Shot 2-5 from 3. He struggles to hit shots off the screen. He looks much more comfortable catching while stationary and going up. This is true of every shooter, but he looks like a different shooter when he's standing still and receiving a pass before going up for his shot.
  • He could probably be a little more assertive and aggressive with the ball.
Overall, this was just not a contest. They couldn't handle our size. Our offense could just throw it in to Haas or Swanigan at the hoop and draw havoc and fouls from there. We started the game running some pick and rolls, which was interesting, but for the most part we relied on forcing turnovers and just being bigger.

And when we aren't banging it to our bigs, we'll be launching from deep. Those are the two most efficient shots in basketball, and though we didn't shoot the ball particularly well today, the scheme is correct and we had a lot of open looks. Just have to hope they start falling.

Really, all you're hoping for in an Exhibition is to take care of business and not have any red flags stick too far up in the sky, so count it as a W on the scoreboard and metaphorically.