Purdue plans to bring back Darrell Hazell for 4th season in 2016


Though there has been no announcement by Purdue, sources have told Yahoo Sports and Pat Forde that no matter what happens this season, Hazell will most likely not be fired at the end of this season. Though it seems a little iffy (because we've seen how reliable "Sources" has been in the past), the quote from former head coach Joe Tiller sort of confirms what most of us have been thinking: that Hazell's buyout will likely keep him in West Lafayette for at least one more season.

"Purdue is pretty close to the buck, and they’re not going to pay him that kind of money to [buy him out]," Tiller told Yahoo Sports. "People have asked me during the course of this fall if coach Hazell is on his way out and I said, ‘I don’t think Purdue will replace him for at least one more year, and maybe two.'"