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John Shoop, Greg Hudson, and Rubin Carter Fired By Purdue

You can give thanks to Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Zeus, Cthulu, or your deity of choice.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The best news for Purdue football in months, if not years, has happened:

We have written at length about the shortcomings of Hudson and Shoop. Carter is not alone, as his defensive lines have been deep and talented, but have failed to generate any sort of pressure on the quarterback consistently, especially on third downs.

As a bonus note, Purdue will return Marcus Freeman, who seemed to be one of the few competent coaches on the roster as linebackers coach. He succeeded in giving Purdue real, live Big Ten caliber linebackers in Ja'Whaun Bentley, Danny Ezechukwu, Jimmy Herman, and Marcus Bailey. Unfortunately, two of them tore their ACLs and Herman was constantly banged up all year.

This is not a solution that will fix everything. It is probably the last gasp of a dying coach that desperately needs a good 2016 season to last longer, but it is at least SOMETHING. Shoop has been terrible not only at Purdue, but at every stop. Hudson is responsible for some of the worst defensive performances in the history of Ross-Ade Stadium.

My sources tell me that Shoop could not find his way to Burke's office to get fired because it was more than 10 yards away, while Hudson's third box to collect his stuff had a gaping hole in the middle and fell completely apart.

We will likely have a lot more later on about who the potential replacements will be, but it is safe to say that a 1985 Yugo, a 15 pound gob of earwax, and a mountain goat would be improvements. At the very least those three objects couldn't do worse.

To borrow from The Only Colors: