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Purdue vs. IU Bucket Picks

Will anyone dare pick the Boilermakers?

"Buckle up ya'll I got this!"
"Buckle up ya'll I got this!"
Reese Strickland-USA TODAY Sports

At this point of the year you know what these posts are all about. You know how sad we all are and we know how sad you all are. Let's see what the people have to say shall we?

T-Mill Says

This will be my shortest pick of the year. John Shoops sucks and I'm 100% convinced he will cost Purdue this game. Indiana 37, Purdue 17

Juan Says

I said at the beginning of the season, I said if IU comes into this game with 5 wins and looking for a 6th to go bowl eligible, Purdue would be in trouble. Welp, Purdue is in trouble. Indiana 38, Purdue 14

Andrew Holmes Says

I refuse to pick a loss in the Bucket game. Purdue 100, IU 0

Jumbo Heroes Says

We all know this isn't going to be pretty. We know that Purdue is struggling on both offense and defense. We know that IU has an impressive offense but a terrible, and I mean terrible, defense. We know IU has won the last two meetings and that Purdue hasn't lost three in a row to IU since Hitler was in power in Germany. If you know me at all you know I'm generally an optimist. I want to believe the best in people and see how things can work out. Right now I'm walking a fine line between optimistic and delusional. I actually think Purdue has a chance. Let me explain why before you all sound off on me in the comments.

The Indiana pass defense is not a pass defense. It's basically four people they throw out there and hope something happens. There's no huge playmaker, there's not even a solid game in game out contributor. If you and I know this John Shoop has to know it right? I mean I don't like the guy as a coordinator but surely he can see the obvious weakness in the IU defense right? Purdue should throw the ball roughly 562 times tomorrow. Sprinkle in some Markell Jones but if Purdue is going to win this game it's going to have to do it through the air. Purdue 35, IU 34

And now staff records after last week
T-Mill: 7-4
Juan: 9-2
Rachel: 4-2
Jumbo Heroes: 7-4

No Pick Last Week
Andrew Holmes: 3-5
Casey: 5-1
Rob St. Claire: 2-1
Craig: 2-3
Drew Schneider: 0-4