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Welcome to Tom Crean Appreciation Holiday Weekend!

The week formally known as hate week, is not about appreciation and love. Help us share in some of your favorite moments featuring our favorite hoosier - TOM CREAN!

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Just look at that man, all that expression, the reserve, the posture, the hair, what's there not to love about Tom Crean? He is without a doubt, my favorite Hoosier, and on days like today I am reminded how important it is to give thanks to all those things in my life that have brought me joy.

From my unofficial count, Purdue is 8-4 against Tom Crean's Hoosiers. This, despite regularly getting out-'recruited' since Mr. Crean came to Bloomington. We've won the last three match ups, and are slated for only one game this year, in Bloomington. Of course, you've already heard, IU has already lost two games this year in the Jimmmy Eats Maui World classic despite the Hoosiers top 15 rank they carried into each game.

Who do we have to thank for this wonderful turn of events? Sure, the players have not exactly been great for the Hoosiers, but you watch them play and you notice a complete freedom to their gallivanting up and down the court. One could even say, as I have already on twitter, that they've crossed the line from basketball freedom to undisciplined.

And if I know anything about sports cliches, discipline is all about the coach. So Thank you Tom Crean, for this wonderfully touted class of wings, with no big men, and no discipline that operate as a sieve on defense, and an occasionally brilliant, mostly sloppy mess on offense.

And the Hoosier fans really should rejoice, too, no matter how much damage on the court he's done, it's not like he can reach up and pull those banners off you like to talk about so much. After all, he's only got hands for pulling up them pants. Keep up the good work, and sincerely, thank you.

Now readers, please, share your favorite gifs and pictures of the greatest man to come to Bloomington in forever. We'll share some of the best as the weekend progresses.