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Purdue Boilermakers Basketball: A Veritable Thanksgiving Feast

Am I comparing people to food? Yes, yes I am.

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Every year as November approaches, there are two things I get ridiculously excited for, Purdue basketball and Thanksgiving food. ESPN calls this week Feast Week, and for good reason. While the NFL has a great Thanksgiving day tradition, it pales in comparison to the number of college basketball games and tournaments that happen across North America. This year, Purdue got the weekdays off, but we're still thankful for our team, and what better way to show it than to compare our favorite players to our favorite foods from the holiday.

Turkey Drumsticks: A.J. Hammons and Isaac Haas

Big and imposing, they're the first thing that everyone mentions. Everyone wishes they could have one turkey leg or skilled 7-footer, let alone two.

Dark Meat: Vince Edwards

Dark meat is often overshadowed by all the other food on the table. It isn't flashy and often doesn't get featured in the table pictures (media), but when you think about it, dark meat might just be the best tasting thing on the table. Just like how V.E. might just be the best player on our team (in case you needed that spelled out for you).

Mashed Potatoes: Rapheal Davis and P.J. Thompson

Mashed potatoes are really the glue that holds the whole meal together, especially when you mix it all up on your plate like I do. Rapheal and P.J. are obviously our glue guys, and if you don't think that P.J. deserves to be listed next to our senior leader, then I have an alternate idea for you. My mother has been adding some turnips to her mashed potatoes on occasion the last couple of times I've visited, and even though I am pretty traditionalist, they actually add to the flavor in a positive way. So just think of P.J. as turnips, adding a positive boost to Davis' leadership.

Stuffing: Dakota Mathias, Kendall Stephens, and Ryan Cline

Our shooters add an extra element to an already talented team. Similarly, turkey dinners don't have to have stuffing to be good, but oh man, does it complete the total package.

Corn: Stephen Toyra, Jacquil Taylor, Grady Eifert

A lot meals have corn, and many people might not see anything special about it. However, when it is included in your Thanksgiving meal it adds a little something special, even if it doesn't get in every single helping.

Gravy: Caleb Swanigan

Your plate already looks really, really tasty, but when you add the gravy it becomes the best meal of the whole year. Gravy, like McDonald's All-Americans, is not always plentiful and there is no guarantee you'll get any. Oh, but it tastes soooooooo good when you do, especially when you snatch it out of the hands of your cousin.

Your Favorite Dessert: Johnny Hill

You're not always sure you'll have room, and when you do there can be a lot of choices. Finding the dessert that fits your needs is a big deal. Without it you may end up feeling less than full, like you missed out on something great.

Ham: Basil Smotherman, Grant Weatherford, Jon McKeeman

The ham is good, but it is still in the deep freeze, waiting for the next holiday meal.

Canned Cranberry Sauce: #iubb (Hate Week Special)

Soft, red, no real effort involved...sounds about right.

In remembrance of Mary Holmes, who contributed greatly to my love of basketball, Thanksgiving, and writing.