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Happy Thanksgiving from H&R!

We here at H&R have had enough hate and fully believe in a life of thanks instead. So we hope you'll join us in appreciation a special Hoosier this holiday season.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's Hate Week.

Hate Week.

That's such an ugly word, hate. The way it starts so soft in the back of your mouth as if it has no idea of the implications, the ideas that it could stir as it climbs the length of the tongue before stopping in that violent clash of 'Tuh' at the front of your teeth. It's harsh, lulling you into its softened embrace before throwing you to the ground with its complete hostility.

I'll be honest, I'm tired of the word HATE. I'm tired of it in its tiny instants. I'm done with it in its big moments

Before there was college football rivalries, before there was Knight and Keady, before there was red and gold as opposites, there was Thanksgiving. A holiday meant for being thankful towards all the good in your life and in your world. A time to join hands around turkey and stuffing, stuffing yourself stupid.

This is a time for love, not hate. So let's rid ourselves of those four letters. Who cares what happens to some oaken bucket? There's pumpkin beer for days in bottles and on tap, and no one from Bloomington will try to hang those ugly letters onto them.

So in this, I pledge, to not hate our brothers from the south this week. Instead, I will choose to appreciate them, but I understand why this would be hard for you to do. We've lived so long in our gold and black universe, taught to hate and fear the cream and crimson. So we will do this together, like trying your Aunt Rubies oyster dressing, one tentative bite at a time.

So it is my pleasure to invite you all to H&R's attempt at making this a week of thanks instead of hate by making this


We invite you to join us in posting pictures, gifs, and commentary on all things TOM CREAN until we kickoff against our hated rivals from the south on Saturday.


Let the thanks begin.