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Purdue vs. Old Dominion GameThread & How to Watch

Yeah, football is happening, but the real party is here.

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the fun Open thread! I assume that many of you trying to watch football and basketball at the same time will start out here and stay here, then go over to football since that game will last longer. In fact, I would imagine that the basketball game thread will have far more comments and interaction regardless because football is a tire fire. If you;'re coming over from football, welcome!

Just a reminder here that this game is available on WatchESPN online. if you need to get an audio feed of Larry Clisby I have one for you right here from TuneIn.

As for T-Mill, I am talking to you from the past when I set this Open thread up on Wednesday. I am in Miami at the Miami-Georgia Tech football game because, well, I love my wife and Miami weather is a lot damn nicer than Indiana this time of year.