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Purdue vs. Iowa OMHR Predictions

Remember, the conference says we hate these guys!

Purdue's bright spot
Purdue's bright spot
Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

When you've got a conference mandated rivalry against a team that hate burns like the fire of a thousand suns. You can hear the outrage and anger and bloodlust simmering just below the surface in all of these predictions. Or not.

T-Mill Says

Our Most Hated Rival is barely giving us the time of day this year, and by all metrics this should be another blowout. Yes, Purdue has played better away from home than at home, but does anyone seriously think we've going to beat the No. 5 team in America away from home? The last time we beat a top 5 team was in 1999 (Michigan Sate), the last time we did away from home was 1998 (Kansas State, Alamo Bowl), and the last time we did it in a true road game was probably at Notre Dame sometime in the 60s. We're asking Purdue to suddenly be better than it has been at any time under Hazell. It is not happening. Iowa 37, Purdue 7

Juan Says

We may see a hint of Spoilermakers tomorrow. No, I'm not sniffing glue. However, I'm also not saying Purdue will win, we'll just see a hint of it. it won't be Purdue turning a corner, it will just be an Iowa team slightly overlooking Purdue and bad weather impacting the game. I think this game could be similar to the 2009 Indiana/Iowa game, where IU jumped out to a double digit lead at #4 Iowa thanks to Iowa forgetting how to football. But then in the 2nd half, mainly in the 4th quarter, Iowa remember it was a top 5 team and IU became IU and Iowa won 42-24 (or somewhere around there). Somehow, Purdue could do the same thing. Purdue goes into the half with a 1 touchdown lead, but then completely forgets how to football and Iowa destroys them in the second half. Iowa 56, Purdue 14

Rachel Says

Iowa will win because we're really good at losing. Iowa 27, Purdue 6...Griggs misses the PAT, no way he hits two field goals.

Jumbo Heroes Says

Purdue fans have the ultimate Sohpie's Choice this weekend. Both Purdue football and Purdue basketball will be on at the exact same time. I can't remember this ever happening. Perhaps my memory is going in my old age though. What's a Purdue fan to do? Will they watch the highly entertaining and likely to win Purdue basketball team or will they struggle and slog through the absolutely embarrassing Purdue football game? Me personally, I'm going to have them both on at once with the basketball game taking priority and getting the audio. I'm just tired of Purdue football. It's exhausting. I don't expect good things to happen against Iowa. Purdue may tease us just slightly but at the end of the game no corner will have been turned. Iowa 42, Purdue 10

And now staff records after last week
T-Mill: 6-4
Andrew Holmes: 3-5
Juan: 8-2
Jumbo Heroes: 6-4

No Pick Last Week
Casey: 5-1
Rachel: 3-2
Rob St. Claire: 2-1
Craig: 2-3
Drew Schneider: 0-4