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11 Days to Purdue Basketball: Stephen Toyra

The first millionaire from the 2015-16 Purdue Basketball team may not be who you think it will be.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

This coming season Purdue has a pair of senior leaders in Rapheal Davis and A.J. Hammons who have been around the program for four seasons. They are joined by a little-known 4th year player who is a walk-on townie that has been a solid contributor on the practice floor for awhile now. He has also played some first half minutes in Big Ten play and showed he can fill-in in a pinch.

Stephen Toyra - Sr.

Lafayette, IN (Faith Christian HS)

6'3", 185 pounds


2015-16 Projection: Deep Reserve

Toyra is the latest in a long line of townie walk-ons that have included Dru Anthrop, Bobby Riddell, Bubba Day, and more. He averaged 23 points and 8 rebounds at Faith Christian on the east side of Lafayette as the program made the transition to the IHSAA level. In his time at Purdue as a walk-on he actually played a significant amount as a freshman. He had only two points, but played in 11 games that year. In 2013-14 he played in 8 games for a total of 30 minutes and due to ineffective play above him he saw first half action at Michigan, where he scored a career high 4 points. Last season he only saw action in five games and had a total of two points, but because Purdue had an extra scholarship he was officially on scholarship for the season.

While he doesn't have NBA dreams, Toyra has already started a successful real estate career. He owns Family Realty Group and received his realty license before last season, but can only use his first name in advertising because he is an active NCAA athlete. His realty business already has a franchise in Monticello and has leads in Indianapolis, Florida, and California, as his goal is to make his first million by the time he is 25.

So yes, Toyra may not play much this coming season, but he might make his first million before A.J. Hammons does in the NBA.