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Darrell Hazell Steps to the Mic Pre-Iowa

More hot takes!

The man with the plan.
The man with the plan.
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Here we are yet again for another press conference after another loss. I know you come to this site solely for the hard hitting questions and insightful answers from our head coach. Without further ado let's get into it.

Opening statement time.

Yeah, looking forward to going out and playing a good Iowa football team, an extremely well-balanced team offense, defense, kicking game. Well coached.

They have done a really nice job in fourth quarters. As you watch their film and study their games all year long, they've done an excellent job of closing out games where it was really close at the end of those football games. Did a good job of finishing those games.

Injury update on Markell Jones

Markell is good. The MRI we had from yesterday is clear, so he felt a lot better yesterday after that. He'll be ready to go on Saturday.

What is going on with field goals?

We been working on that all year, Pete. That's one of the frustrating things right now, because that obviously could have been a very pivotal moment in that football game: Five and a half minutes to go in the third quarter, a tie game, we miss a field goal. There is a momentum swing there.

But we'll continue to work at it. Hopefully Griggs snaps out for these last two games and finishes the right way.

I talked to him yesterday, excuse me Sunday, after the team meeting. I said, What happened? Did you hit it good or did you not hit it good? He said he felt like he hit it on his toe and didn't swing through it and tried to get it up in the air and didn't strike it very well.

How would you describe the Iowa offense with Beathard at QB?

I think they're doing a great job offensively. He's very sneaky. I watched the Iowa State game last night and he had two runs of about 90 yards. He's just so slippery back there in the pocket. He moves from side to side, avoids the rush, and then takes off and runs away from people.

He's making a lot of throws in the passing game. They're doing a nice job. I don't know if there is anybody in the country that runs zone better than Iowa's front five. They're great in combination blocks, getting up to the second level.

Coach's reaction from the Morgan Burke BTN vote of confidence

Certainly. It helps in so many facets. Obviously in the recruiting front, the players in our locker room to our coaching staff, all those things that allow to you set your feet and continue to work extremely hard.

You need to have that confidence from the powers that be behind you, so it was a huge boost for our program.

Well, it is a process of you got to get everything in the right place and continue to work hard. You got to find a way to win some was of those close football games, which helps to flip the program.

We had an opportunity last week - several opportunities - from that five-minute mark to the end of football game to make some plays and be able to take another step forward, but we have not done that yet.

More on the kicking game

We definitely have to go out and recruit a kicker. We got to scholarship a kicker next year.

I hope for Paul's sake and for our sake that he comes in and makes a game-winning field goal here in these next couple weeks. I think that would be good for our program, for Paul, and he's capable doing it.

We all know that. We've seen him do it, make those field goals. He's got to snap out of it and just make 'em.

Iowa finishes games very well. How does Purdue get to that point?

I think that's probably the biggest thing that we're challenged with right now is being able to finish games. Like I mentioned yesterday, I took 13 items and put them on film and went through it with my team on Sunday afternoon, about this is the things that make the difference at the end of the football game.

And it's real. I mean, one of the items was the missed field goal; one was the punts, the three bad punts that we had from that moment on; one of the items was the back going the wrong way in a protection; one of the items was the tight ends lined up on the wrong side. You got to use a timeout. That timeout is critical at the end of the football game.

Those 13 items are so big in being able to finish, and that's all part of it. We got to continue to learn those things.

How important is Markell Jones to this team?

He's been kind of our motor here in the last few weeks. He really has. I think the guys have rallied around him because he plays so physical with the ball in his hands. And you're playing against a good defence, another good defense. They got a good front. They play well together. They run the ball. They're physical.

I think some of those physical yards on a cold day in Iowa are big for our football team, especially our offensive line.

After being close against MSU and Northwestern what would it mean to be the Spoilermakers against Iowa?

I think any time you can take step forward it's huge. Like I said, I want our guys to win so bad. That's the biggest thing right now. They need to experience some of that success that in my mind they deserve because they work so hard.

Now, you win when you're supposed to win and when you do all things right. So that's all part of that equation. They have been working their tails off, and have been from day one.

I just want those guys to experience that victory because of all the work that they've done.

Finally we leave on a bit of a somber note as the tragedy in Paris hit close to home for the Boilermaker family. Anthony Mahoungou is from Paris.

Yeah, that's very unfortunate for all those things to be going on over there in France right now. You know, first person that comes to your mind on our team is Anthony. We checked with him and he was trying to find his people.

He spent Friday night, I believe, in the hotel trying to call all his people to finds out. One of them he said was in the -- I think he said was in the theatre, and then was able to reach that person. So that was good news.