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Purdue vs. Northwestern Predictions

My only friend the end...

This picture just feels right.
This picture just feels right.
Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After last week when we were just bristling with excitement and optimism everyone but Juan picked Purdue to win. This week things have changed. Drastically changed. Read on to see the doom and gloom if you must but also just remember that Purdue basketball starts in just seven hours!

T-Mill Says

Juan and I will be braving Evanston to see the desiccated carcass of Purdue football. It should be interesting, especially since I will be in Miami next week instead of my original planned trip to Iowa. Dodged a bullet there. Juan promised to bring me some beer that I can't buy in Indiana, so that alone makes the trip worth it. As for the football, Purdue should have a chance because Northwestern's offense is not very good. Their defense is excellent, however. Maybe Markell Jones will break a big run, maybe not. I expect punts and lots of them. Northwestern 24, Purdue 7

Andrew Holmes Says

My optimism has been used up for the season and mercifully basketball season has arrived to save us all. Prediction: 

Juan Says

Part of me thought of starting this prediction sarcastically, acting like it was the prediction for the basketball game as the season starts tonight. Sadly (but probably good for you), I avoided that route as not even basketball will lift my spirits watching this game from the cold stands of Ryan Field tomorrow.

At the end of the day: Northwestern=Good. Purdue=Bad. And Morgan Burke is thinking this: 

Northwestern 38, Purdue 7

Rachel Says

Another week, another chance to make a mediocre offense look like the No. 1 offense in the country. Unlike other road games this season Purdue will not keep this one close. Northwestern won't waste any time getting on the board and I expect we'll go into the second half with no points on the board. Purdue 7, Northwestern 38

Jumbo Heroes Says

If you've paid attention to what I've written after games this season and specifically the end of my post last week following the Illinois game you should probably have an idea of how this post is going to go. Purdue is not a good football team. They are less consistent than a broken clock. They are quite possibly the most maddening football team I've ever watched. There's no consistent from game to game, there's not even consistency from quarter to quarter. Hell, there isn't even consistency from drive to drive which is just maddening.

In my admittedly short life (just 29 years) I don't think I've seen a worse three year span of Purdue football. The thing that drives me mad is that there is talent on this team. Jones and Knox are good running backs. Yancey and Anthrop are good receivers. There just doesn't seem any cohesive plan to put everyone in the best situation to succeed. I just can't understand it. I don't anticipate the Purdue offense lighting up this Northwestern defense. Northwestern 24, Purdue 7

Staff Results After Last Week
T-Mill: 5-4
Juan: 7-2
Andrew Holmes: 2-5
Jumbo Heroes: 5-4

No Pick Last Week
Casey: 5-1
Rachel: 3-2
Rob St. Claire: 2-1
Craig: 2-3
Drew Schneider: 0-4