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North Carolina A&T at Purdue: GameThread & How to Watch


Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Finally, we get to enjoy a Purdue event that should be a relatively easy win. As you know, this game is broadcast online only at BTNPlus, so if you have a subscription, enjoy. If you don't, it is the season for bitching about BTN Plus, so bitch away. I am sure there are elicit feeds out there that I, as a site manager, cannot officially endorse, but if they appear randomly in the comments I am powerless to stop.

Also, you can listen to the live audio feed and Larry Clisby thanks to our friends at TuneIn right here.

I am on the road tonight, driving to Chicago for the football game in Evanston. Juan is at Mackey and will join me tomorrow. Casey is likely handling the game wrap. This should be an easy one where Purdue wins by at least 30 or so. Maybe something will happen and we can say the same about football tomorrow.