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Purdue 84, Dayton 74: Boilers Win Secret Scrimmage

Purdue basketball is all but officially underway.

Marc Lebryk-USA TODAY Sports

The first rule about secret scrimmage is YOU DO NOT TALK ABOUT SECRET SCRIMMAGE. Really, you don't. The NCAA says you can use it to take the place of a traditional exhibition, but no results or statistics can be officially released. We do know that Purdue played Dayton... somewhere in Indianapolis. Since I drove past a few parks today I can say with certainty it was not outdoors.

There has been some information that was released, however:

  • Your starters for Purdue were P.J. Thompson, Rapheal Davis, Vince Edwards, Caleb Swanigan, and Isaac Haas.
  • If you're wondering, no, A.J. Hammons did not play.
  • Purdue won 84-74 and out-rebounded Dayton by 15. This is significant because Dayton has their own 7-footer in Steve McElvene. Purdue had shown some interest in him before, but he ended up being a partial NCAA qualifier and redshirted last year.
  • Ryan Cline played, while Basil Smotherman did not. Allegedly Smotherman cannot play even in the exhibitions because he is redshirting after having already played two years. Cline and Grant Weatherford can play in the exhibitions, but one may still redshirt (my money is on Weatherford).
  • Swanigan had 15 points and 14 rebounds.
  • Read that last point again. Take deep breaths and calm down.
  • Edwards had over 20 points.
  • Kendall Pollard was Dayton's top player, but there are no details.

This is all I could find via Twitter, so feel free to embed any other tidbits you find.