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Matt Painter, Dakota Mathias Talk Purdue Basketball

Coach Painter and the sophomore guard address the media after today's practice.

Sandra Dukes-USA TODAY Sports

Today was practice number four for Purdue basketball and Chris Forman, the best SID in all of college basketball, was kind enough to send me some post practice video. First, we have sophomore guard Dakota Mathias and coach Painter talking to the media:

Next we have the next episode of In the Arena:

Finally, some actual news about practice so far. All we were really know is that they practiced for almost 3 hours in Mackey Arena. It sounds like Caleb Swanigan is meshing well with everyone and this team is going to be ridiculously deep. Like, "How are we going to find a 7-8 man rotation" deep. I would guess we can even go situational against some opponents based on the need to go big or small. We can likely match up defensively with anyone.