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Michigan State 24, Purdue 21 FINAL SCORE

Purdue once again pushes Michigan State, but falls short.

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

So where in the hell was that all year? Purdue trailed 21-0 at halftime against the No. 2 team in America thanks to three turnovers that led to 14 points. It looked like another classic Purdue blowout, but somehow, some way, the Boilers actually had a shot to win. The defense played pretty solid in the second half and was helped by a missed field goal. The offense got going behind Markell Jones, who had 157 yards and two touchdowns, while David Blough played smart football.

Purdue outscored MSU 21-3 in the second half, but that 3 was enough to give MSU the win 24-21. Yes, it looks like another moral victory, but Purdue had a chance. They were in Spartan territory with a first down and had the football with under a minute left. All the thoughts of "Do you give Paul Griggs a chance to tie if you get close" and "Please don't screw it up" In the end, Michigan State's defense does what it does: It pressured Blough and broke up passes, including a 4th down pass to Gregory Phillips.

So Purdue falls to 1-4, and aside from Virginia Tech it has had a chance to take a fourth quarter lead in three of the four losses, only to no finish he deal. There is no question this team has fight. Blough is maturing every week and Jones looks like a stud. They need a breakthrough.

We will have more later, but next week HAS to be a win now. No more excuses. We're playing a Minnesota team that was shutout and gained only 173 yards of offense today. If Purdue can take Michigan State to the end it can beat anyone left on the schedule.